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Sharp Towing is Fastest and most reliable towing in Kelowna whatever the cause just call sharp towing our company will send tow truck as soon as possible

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Sharp towing in 1085 mccurdy rd Kelowna is available
24 hours a days 7 days a week

Flat Tire

There are lots of innumerable perils out on the loads we drive such as Nails, sharp curbs, glass etc and all can put the hole in the fires and get the tire flat. In this situation you can must call sharp towing we will help your immwdientiely.

Jump Start

Most of the time we left your helping his on and interior lights too.and it kind our battery. IN that time we will help you to give the jump start and get you back on the road. We have heavy-duty jumper cables and big battery boast that even will start heavy-duty trucks and car.

Unlock Car's and Trucks

In this busy life mostly we left our car keys inside the car and get locked the keys inside the vehicle and our team is fully experienced to unlock the vehicle and get your key's back to you.

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